Abstract submissions for ICCDU 2016 have now official closed for flash and oral presentations.

However you may still submit an abstract for poster presentation or submit a oral or flash presentation for addition to the reserve list.


The conference will have 3 broad themes:

  • CO2 insertion any processes in-which CO2 is inserted i.e. polymerisation, mineralisation.
  • CO2 splitting any process in which CO2 is split, i.e. electrochemistry, plasma, photochemistry.
  • Enabling technologies i.e. carbon capture, LCA, CO2 utilisation in the circular economy, hydrogen production for CO2 utilisation, energy integration, whole systems approaches.


We are pleased to announce that the SCOT Project will be sponsoring cash prizes to the best student flash and poster presentations. A first prize of 250 Euros and a runner-up prize of 150 Euros will be awarded to the best flash and poster presentations in each of the three themes. To qualify students must present both a flash presentation and a poster.


Abstracts should be submitted by downloading the form below and then sending to abstracts@iccdu2016.org.uk

When saving your abstract, please name it using this format


Click here to download the Abstract-Submission-ICCDU-2016

If you’d like some guidance on how to fill in the abstract form then read our blog post here.